Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

Transform your experience and professional background into an officially recognised certification via the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) process.

Turn Your Experience into Qualification

RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) is a process that acknowledges and gives credit to person’s previous skills, knowledge and experience often gained through work and life experiences. The process through RPL that you can have your work experience and skills evaluated in order to obtain a credible qualification. The certificate you acquire is based on your abilities on the job rather than in the classroom. RPL allows individuals to receive credit for their prior learning that can help them save time, money and effort in achieving their educational qualifications and career goals. RPL is available for various qualifications and industries in Australia, such as Community Service, Building and construction, Hospitality, Remedial Massage, automotive, business administration, agriculture, mechanics, education, and more. You can use a variety of documentation to apply for RPL, such as resumes, references, certificates, portfolios, etc. 

Benefits of RPL

      RPL certificates are great way for those with experience in their field to move up the career ladder. This process is made possible through the Australian Qualifications Framework

Efficient and Affordable

RPL assessment means ‘removing waste’ from training. RPL saves your time and effort, as you may not need to relearn or retake courses for skills you already possess.

Career Development

RPL can boost your confidence by validating your abilities, and it can enhance your career prospects by showcasing your competence to employers or educational institutions.

Eligible for Trade License

RPL focuses on assessing workplace evidence collected and skills demonstrated to achieve a trade licenses. If you have experience as a trade and want to get a trade license, a nationally recognised RPL trade qualification is your first and fastest step to earning your trade license.

No Class, No Exam required

You can save time and money by avoiding unnecessary or repetitive courses that cover what already know. You can build on your existing skills and knowledge and fill any gaps in your learning.

Successful profession

You can improve your resume and career prospects by showing your employers that you have the relevant skills and experience for the job. Earn more money by getting qualified for higher-paying positions or promotions.

Obtain Certification at a faster pace

You can get access to higher education or training programs that require certain qualifications, even if you do not have a formal education background.

Am I eligible to obtain RPL Qualification?

You will be eligible for RPL (Recognise of Prior Learning) if you have evidence of job relevant skills that are current and readily available. The type of qualification you can receive from RPL relies on the field you are employed in and the knowledge you have gained before. You can use the free skills check tool to find out more about the RPL qualifications. Alternatively, you can contact us for more information or guidance. AY Education & Services is happy to help you to achieve your goals.

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